On Tuesday, 24th November, the LC-BAT-5 cluster projects 3beLiEVe, COBRA, HYDRA, and SeNSE hosted the ‘Batteries of the Future’ webinar.


The webinar brought together experts from European research, industry, and policy organisations. After brief project overviews by the coordinators, the participants went into break-out sessions by their chosen topic of interest: cathodes, anodes, electrolyte, sensors & BMS, and cell manufacturing. The panelists shared insights from their ongoing work and their opinions on how these battery-related technologies will evolve in the future.


Over 100 people attended the event from around the world, having the opportunity to actively take part in the discussions by posing questions to the experts and providing their perspectives on the future of batteries. Special thanks go to the team from Bax & Company, in the COBRA consortium, for organizing and making the event a success!